How Does The Census Work ?

The General Population and Housing Census (RGPH) is a flagship operation in the country's national statistical information system. Indeed, it is the only source of information that provides precise and disaggregated data at the finest geographical level; by wilaya, municipality, agglomeration... and this as well on the population and its characteristics, as the housing stock.

The implementation of the RGPH requires significant human, material and financial resources, both in terms of preparation and execution and operation, and requires meticulous preparation and flawless organization.

The success of the RGPH depends on the mobilization of all the actors involved in this operation.

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Objectives of the General Population and Housing Census

- The implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies at national and local level.
- Provide the public with up-to-date statistical information in the socio-economic fields.
- Provide several disaggregated indicators at the finest geographical level, for the purpose of international comparability, and the evaluation of the progress made in relation to the commitments undertaken at the international level.
- For research, study and analysis needs.
- For the establishment of a sampling frame for all subsequent household statistical surveys.


30 - 07 - 2022
Launch of prospecting campaign
30 - 07 - 2022
Starting Tablets routing operation
From 02 to 25 - 07 -2022
Completion of the pilot census

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an exhaustive enumeration of the resident population in Algeria (Algerians and foreigners) with their characteristics, as well as an exhaustive enumeration of all inhabited and uninhabited dwellings in relation to a fixed reference period.

Like other countries, the National Statistics Office is in charge of setting up, carrying out and operating the Census operation, with the accompaniment and support of the public authorities through the mobilization of ministries and local authorities (wilayas, Dairas, municipalities).

The operation will begin on September 25th, 2022 at the level of all the municipalities of the national territory and will last until October 09th, 2022.